Cusick Continues to Push His NYC Water Board Legislation: Votes No on a Weak Measure Passed in Assembly

June 12, 2012

Assemblyman Michael Cusick announced today that he is still pushing for his bill, A.10291 which would change the membership of the New York City Water Board to include the five Borough Presidents.

"Though a measure sponsored by Assemblyman Weprin (D-Queens), A.3725-A, was passed in the Assembly today, I had to vote in the negative because the bill does not go far enough. It doesn’t fix the inherent problem of the current Water Board being under the control of the Mayor,” said Cusick.

The New York City Water Board consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor. The Cusick legislation would make the five Borough Presidents members of the Board while the Weprin bill still gives the Mayor four appointments out of the seven members.

After attending a public hearing in April, it became clear to Assemblyman Cusick that the make-up of the Water Board is stacked with mayor-appointed representatives who essentially control the vote on rate hikes. “My bill (A10291) will give fair representation on any future water rate increases by realigning the Board make-up to include elected officials from each Borough, 5 out of the 7 members. Having a say at the table on New York City water rates gives all New York City residents and business owners a fighting chance, when it comes to these outrageous, yearly hikes,” said Assemblyman Cusick.