Assemblymember Michael DenDekker Sponsors Legislation That Would Standardize Official Vehicle Inspection Station Fees

May 1, 2012

Assembly Member Michael DenDekker (D-Jackson Heights) has sponsored Assembly Bill A.09230, which would require that the fees charged by official vehicular inspection stations be the same throughout the state.

“Right now,” Assemblyman DenDekker said, “everyone in this equation loses something; the motorist loses money through higher and inconsistent fees, while the official inspector loses money because he or she is forced to focus on certain procedures that carry with them different costs. This practice ultimately affects not only affects the bottom line for all involved, but quite possibly, vehicular safety.”

A difference in pricing for inspection creates unfair expenses for residents living in certain parts of the state and unfair pay of inspectors. People who are doing the same amount of inspection work are being paid less for their services. Inspections conducted by downstate stations tend to charge more money than inspections done upstate.

A graduate of the State University of New York at Farmingdale with a major in automotive technology, Assembly Member DenDekker has long advocated for consumer rights and automobile safety. In the past, Mr. DenDekker introduced legislation that would prohibit the distribution, sale, or offer for sale of tires which are more than six years old in New York State. He has also introduced legislation that would require that a vehicle’s antilock break system be inspected as part of the annual inspection process. Under this legislation, if the antilock break system warning lights are on, it would be considered grounds for an inspection failure.

“I believe A.09230 will eliminate the currently unfair inspection process across the state,” Assemblyman DenDekker concluded. “It will establish a set price that is the same for all across the state. In doing so, it will strengthen small businesses while enhancing vehicular safety.”