Assembly Member Michael DenDekker Sponsors Legislation to Better Protect Consumers from Real Estate Fraud

May 1, 2012

Assemblymember Michael DenDekker (D/WFP-Jackson Heights) has introduced two pieces of legislation that will increase protections for consumers who are purchasing or renting houses, apartments, and other real property.

“Time and time again,” Assembly Member DenDekker said, “constituents have come to my office seeking assistance because they have been the victims of an alleged real estate fraud. Unfortunately, by the time they seek help, it’s often too late. But these two pieces of legislation will, I believe, make it easier for victims of real estate fraud to seek legal redress.”

The first piece of legislation, A.09349A, would require that every real estate salesperson and real estate broker involved in or present during a real estate transaction to include his or her license number and signature on every document that requires a signature.

“We have seen instances,” Assembly Member DenDekker said, “where constituents have leases and other legal documents where only a scrawled signature has been provided. There’s no way to identify the signer, let alone hold them accountable for decisions and promises made during the purchasing or leasing process.”

The second piece of legislation, known as bill number A.09350, would require real estate brokers to sign certain documents regarding leases and rentals of real estate being made by their salespeople. At times, brokers might be unaware of the contracts or agreements being made by their salespeople.

“I’d like to reiterate,” Assembly Member DenDekker said, “that if you feel you’ve been the victim of real estate fraud, or have been victimized as part of a real estate transaction, you are free to visit my district office for guidance and possible assistance. We also sponsor a free legal clinic every other Tuesday night. The passage of these two pieces of legislation, along with enhanced enforcement and better education of the public, will help stamp out real estate fraud.”