Schimel Helps Stage Sit-In at Governor’s Office to Protest Delayed Budget

May 19, 2010
Albany – Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel joined 30 of her Assembly colleagues in a “Sit-in” at the Governor’s Office on Wednesday afternoon. The group of Assembly members gathered to express their frustration and sense of urgency over the lack of budget meetings and negotiations between the Assembly, Senate and the Governor.

In late breaking news Wednesday night, Assemblywoman Schimel was featured on the television in the capital region. Under the guise of a tour of the Capital led by the Assembly Historian, Assemblyman Jack McEneny, the lawmakers stormed into the Red Room on the 2nd floor of the Capitol and refused to leave until the Governor presented himself.

After a one hour "talk" with Larry Schwartz, Secretary to the Governor, Governor David Paterson appeared. A meeting, part adversarial, part defensive, part productive, ensued. The 42 days of sheer frustration felt by the Assembly members culminated in this confrontation. A meeting of the leadership was promised for Monday.