Assemblywoman Schimel Announces New Electronic Waste Recycling Law

June 8, 2010
Great Neck – Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel’s signature issue, electronic waste recycling, was recently passed by both houses of the State Legislature and signed into law. This legislation (A.11308) establishes a statewide electronic equipment recycling and reuse program, which will make the disposal and recycling of electronic waste (e-waste), such as computers and televisions, easier and more accessible to New Yorkers.

“The hazardous materials found in electronic products make e-waste recycling essential to protecting the public’s health and the environment,” said Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, a member of the Assembly’s Committee on Environmental Conservation and a co-sponsor of this bill. “After many years of advocacy, I am extremely pleased that the State Legislature has finally recognized the need for a statewide e-waste program.”

As Town Clerk, Assemblywoman Schimel spearheaded the Town of North Hempstead’s electronic waste recycling program. This program has reduced some of the most environmentally hazardous forms of trash in our community.