Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel Announces Passage of Pedestrian Safety Legislation

June 20, 2011
Albany – Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel is pleased to announce that the New York State Assembly passed legislation (A.8366) this week that will make streets safer for pedestrians. Assembly bill A.8366, also known as Complete Streets legislation, encourages transportation planners to consider safer crossing and roadways for users of all ages and abilities.

“This legislation establishes better planning practices to ensure that the streets of our community are safe for all users and will also benefit our environment through improved air quality & decreased traffic congestion,” said Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, a sponsor of the bill and member of the Assembly’s Transportation Committee.

The measure, which was recently passed by the State Senate, would require transportation officials to consider specific guidelines when planning transportation projects overseen by the state Department of Transportation (DOT) which receive both state & federal funding. Such guidelines would include adopting design features such as sidewalks, paved shoulders for bicycle use, bicycle lanes, lane striping, crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and other traffic-calming measures. No municipality would be expected to spend local funds, over the amount allocated by federal and state aid, to meet the new guidelines.