Gun Violence: When Enough Just Isnt Enough Already

September 16, 2011
In the wake of 52 shootings and 67 victims, New York City witnessed another devastating weekend just days after Hurricane Irene. Unlike the confusion and unsafe conditions forged by the storm, the shootings were preventable. Dangerously weak federal and state gun laws provide easy access to illegal guns for criminals. We need leaders in both the state and federal government who will work together to pass laws that will help stop the carnage.

Many federal and state elected officials forget that their priority is keeping their citizens safe. Although there was a laser like focus on Irene to mitigate power outages and floods, many of these same officials ignore their obligation to stop the destruction and harm to communities flooded by illegal guns. Ironically in terms of human lives, Labor Day Weekend was an unprecedented tragic storm leaving many innocent children and community members dead.

State Legislators Against Illegal Guns (SLAIG) is calling upon our elected officials to enact common sense reforms and regulations of firearms. Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, 16th District, Nassau County said, New York State legislators are obligated to respond to the devastation of this weekend that occurred in New York City. So too, I implore Congress to remember the two National Guardsmen, sitting in an IHOP in Carson City Nevada, as they were shot in cold blood by a gunman using an AK-47, with a 30 round large capacity ammunition magazine.