Assemblywoman Schimel Selected to Represent NYS at National Caucus of Environmental Legislators

January 9, 2012
Great Neck, New York--Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel was selected by the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL) to attend the 10th Annual Midwest/Great Lakes Environmental Legislators Forum in Chicago last month. In September, Assemblywoman Schimel was selected by the NCEL to attend a Product Stewardship Forum in Portland, Oregon.

The Assemblywoman, representing New York State, was joined by 50 state legislators from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, among other states, who share a commitment to working together to promote thoughtful environmental policies in their respective states. The project is underwritten by the Joyce Foundation.

Assemblywoman Schimel has been recognized by NCEL for her longstanding work on protection of water and electronic waste, as well as her other recycling initiatives. She is also pleased to inform the other state legislators of the work being done in New York State as well as the Town of North Hempstead. The Assemblywoman, a former Town Clerk in North Hempstead, worked with Supervisor Jon Kaiman to initiate the Electronic Waste Program.

“I was surprised and delighted when I was selected by NCEL to represent New York State at their forums. This is an incredible opportunity to network with the nations’ most forward thinking environmental legislators. I came back from the NCEL conferences chock full of ideas and initiatives for legislation which I will be rolling out in the 2012 legislative session, said Assemblywoman Schimel.