Assemblywoman Expresses Dismay With Governor’s Generalization that Legislature Does Not Support Ethics Reform

Malliotakis, colleagues ready to restore New Yorkers’ trust in government
May 12, 2011

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C-Brooklyn, Staten Island) recently communicated to Governor Andrew Cuomo her objection to his recent comments suggesting that the entire Legislature is opposed to passing meaningful ethics reform. In a letter to the governor, the assemblywoman explained that painting with such broad strokes inaccurately portrays her commitment to changing the culture in Albany.

“There are many legislators, such as myself, that want to help you succeed in your efforts to reform Albany,” Malliotakis wrote in her letter. “To condemn all 212 legislators in New York State, claiming that every single one of us has dug their heels in supporting Albany’s broken status quo is a sweeping generalization that is simply untrue.”

Malliotakis expressed her consistent commitment to ethics reform, which has been a hallmark of her legislative agenda since she began to consider public service.

“I have signed on as a sponsor of numerous bills, put forth by my Assembly colleagues on both sides of the aisle, which would crack down on government corruption and provide more transparency to the legislative process,” said Malliotakis. “I have been committed to restoring the public’s trust in state government since the day I decided to run for office, and I have not relented since my arrival in the Assembly. From stripping the pensions of public officials convicted of criminal acts to shining light on the business being conducted between legislators and their outside clients, I have consistently supported legislation that will foster the necessary reforms to reclaim the confidence of New Yorkers statewide.”

Click here for a copy of letter from Assemblywoman Malliotakis to Governor Cuomo.