Malliotakis, Tobacco Increase Funding For Island’s Private And Parochial Schools

March 30, 2012

Assemblyman Lou Tobacco (R,I,C-South Shore) and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C-East Shore) today voted to pass a portion of the state budget that significantly increases state aid to Staten Island’s private and parochial schools.

“I have been leading the fight to restore and increase funding to Staten Island’s private and public schools since I began my public service. Today is truly a victory for our private institutions of knowledge, their students and our communities as a whole,” said Tobacco. “Our private schools are an import part of the region’s educational and cultural diversity, and this funding will help ensure their long-term viability.”

“For too long, our Catholic schools have struggled without reimbursement for their costly state requirements, so the assistance approved today is long overdue,” said Malliotakis. “By restoring and increasing state CAP-reimbursement funding while examining how to make good on past-due payments, the Legislature is taking a step toward the equal treatment of private and parochial education. All Staten Islanders have a right to a world-class education, and Catholic schools need our support to deliver the comprehensive mental and spiritual enrichment they have always provided.”

Tobacco and Malliotakis voted to secure $123.6 million in education aid for nonpublic schools in this year’s budget, an increase of $20.2 million. Approximately $90.4 million of this funding is provided in aid for mandated services and $33.2 million for New York’s Comprehensive Attendance-taking Program, or CAP. The increased CAP funding fully reimburses Catholic schools for payments which they had not received in years.

“New York State’s private and parochial schools have been underfunded and in urgent need of financial assistance and relief from costly mandates such as the commuter tax,” said Tobacco. “Now, with the MTA payroll tax repealed for all schools and increased aid coming to our private schools, New York State has made tremendous progress in supporting these valuable institutions of knowledge.”