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Peter D. Lopez
Assembly District 102
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A05066Authorizes a mandatory referendum where a legislative body of a local government is amending or adopting local laws relating to an increase in taxes pursuant to state authority
A05071Exempts state owned, leased or operated on behalf of, heavy duty vehicles operating on biodiesel from the diesel emissions reduction act of 2006
A05072Relates to rates charged volunteer fire companies and volunteer ambulance companies
A05073Eliminates state sales and compensating use taxes on bio diesel products produced, processed and/or distributed in New York state and authorizes localities to eliminate such taxes at the local level
A05085Authorizes a permissive referendum to be initiated by the local government or voters on an amendment or adoption to local laws relating to the increase of taxes
A05403Relates to the Middletown-Hardenburgh fire district and making technical changes
A05939Relates to pro rata license fees for seasonal bars
A06018Authorizes the county of Schoharie to impose a county recording tax on obligation secured by a mortgage on real property
A06020Prohibits the percentage of disbursements from the state lottery fund that goes towards education aid from falling below 45.15%
A06022Establishes a 3 year hiking trail safety pilot program
A06023Relates to creating a day care assistance program for members of the organized militia serving active duty; appropriation
A06050Extends from November 30, 2015 to November 30, 2017, the expiration of the authorization of the county of Greene to impose an additional 1 percent sales and compensating use tax
A06082Exempts contractors from the provisions of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act 2006
A06084Relates to exempting certain veterans organizations from tax on non-highway diesel motor fuel used for heating purposes
A06085Grants all veterans with a disability seven free days of sporting activity in New York state
A06190Authorizes municipal corporations, school districts and BOCES to consolidate services and functions
A06234Relates to extending authorization for additional sales tax in the county of Schoharie until 2017
A06323Relates to school aid computer listings for school districts
A07044Extends the additional real estate transfer tax within the county of Columbia
A07482Authorizes the commissioner of general services to convey a parcel of land upon the Coxsackie correctional facility to the county of Greene
A07604Authorizes the county of Greene to offer an optional twenty year retirement plan to deputy sheriff John Del Vecchio

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00298   A00453   A00524   A00530   A00531   A00617   A00821   A01035   A01091   A01318   A01330   A01373   A01374   A01543   A01601   A01636   A01726   A01762   A01772   A01837   A01842   A01854   A01910   A01948   A01953   A02068   A02114   A02261   A02271   A02368   A02369   A02378   A02380   A02412   A02414   A02441   A02489   A02511   A02624   A02683   A02754   A02769   A02901   A03144   A03232   A03241   A03246   A03302   A03350   A03656   A03683   A03730   A03778   A03896   A03943   A04074   A04083   A04188   A04313   A04416   A04617   A04643   A04677   A04802   A04929   A04933   A05127   A05142   A05188   A05196   A05215   A05317   A05340   A05353   A05384   A05396   A05422   A05445   A05453   A05538   A05575   A05609   A05628   A05629   A05630   A05670   A05898   A06025   A06040   A06044   A06119   A06160   A06195   A06199   A06364   A06614   A06754   A07166   A07167   A07171   A07434   A07783  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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