Assemblyman Lopez Calls For Legislative Action

Seeks reversal of governor’s policy to grant illegal immigrants driver’s licenses
October 24, 2007
During a special legislative session yesterday, October 23, Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R,C,I – Schoharie) urged the full Assembly to vote on legislation that would prevent Governor Spitzer’s DMV policy change authorizing illegal aliens to receive New York state driver’s licenses from coming to fruition. Lopez and his colleagues presented a number of amendments on the floor in order to force a vote on the issue.

“There has been a huge outcry in opposition of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, not only from legislators and local government leaders, but from the public as well,” said Assemblyman Lopez. “This is a matter of national security, and we need to do what is right for the people of New York.”

Assemblyman Lopez and his colleagues introduced several amendments for discussion on the floor. The first would block the governor’s efforts by requiring that all driver’s license applicants submit proof of fitness, age, photos, proof of identity, Social Security number or proof of ineligibility to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Another amendment, the County Clerks Protection Act, would have provided state resources and protections to defend county clerks from lawsuits where they are unwilling to break state law by following Governor Spitzer’s plan.

“The people of the 127th Assembly District and across New York state are calling on the governor and DMV to reverse course,” Assemblyman Lopez said. “I will continue to work with my neighbors in the 127th Assembly District and my colleagues in the Legislature to actively oppose this plan.”