Assemblyman Lopez Announces Donation of NYPA Computers To Gilboa-Conesville Central School District

November 20, 2007
Assemblyman Peter Lopez announced Tuesday that the Gilboa-Conesville Central School District has received four refurbished computers from the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to support the school’s educational programs.

The Power Authority donated the computers under the Computer Recycling for Education and Technology Enhancement (CREATE) program. Created by New York State law, the program authorizes NYPA and other state agencies and authorities to provide refurbished computers to educational institutions across the state.

“Today’s technology-driven environment underscores the need for quality computer equipment in our schools,” Assemblyman Lopez said. “Thanks to NYPA, our students will have the educational tools they need to propel them in their future endeavors.”

“We are always pleased to help schools around the state in any way we can,” said Roger B. Kelley, NYPA president and chief executive officer. “The computer program is in line with this objective and complements efforts such as our ‘Power to Schools’ energy efficiency program, which helps schools cut energy costs and improve air quality.”

Enrolling some 400 students in grades kindergarten through 12, the Gilboa-Conesville Central School District offers a full range of educational services in a small, rural school located in the northern Catskill Mountains. The district seeks to provide an academic setting that sets high expectations and promotes the knowledge, skills and dispositions required for responsible citizenship.

NYPA donates surplus computers to educational institutions throughout New York State and has reconditioned some 500 computers for distribution since the program’s inception in 2002. The reconditioning includes a thorough cleaning of the equipment, replacement of broken or missing parts and installation of a new operating system and at least 128 megabytes of memory.