Lopez Pushes For Lower Fuel Costs And Long-Term Energy Solutions At Trucker Rally

Truckers and Legislators call for action outside of Capitol Building
June 19, 2008
Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R,C,I-Schoharie) today continued his fight to lower fuel prices for New Yorkers during a truckers’ protest held at the state Capitol. This rally is the second in as many months for Assemblyman Lopez, who sees local truckers as representatives of the many small businesses and families who are being continually crushed by rising gas prices while incomes fail to keep up.

“Between New York’s truckers and farmers, no one is being hit harder by the rising fuel costs,” said Assemblyman Lopez. “The food and other goods that these small-business men and women provide are critical to maintaining our economy and way of life. The increased costs associated with skyrocketing fuel prices are putting our entire economy at risk.”

Assemblyman Lopez noted that as gas prices continue to go up, it is becoming harder and harder for truck drivers to earn a living and many may soon be forced off the roads, leaving our communities short of needed goods. Additionally, food costs are rising as a result of increased production and transportation costs, causing families to struggle.

“The state and nation need to strengthen their focus on rising fuel costs before it is too late,” remarked Lopez. “Even as we look for short-term relief, it is critical that we pay attention to long-term goals of energy conservation, independence, efficiency and alternative energies. These words must all become part of our vocabulary and even more than that, they must become a way of life. Our future depends on it.”