Lopez Announces New Law To Prohibit Zone Pricing On Motor Fuels

Lopez-Sponsored Legislation Enacted Into Law to Protect New York State Motorists
December 10, 2008
Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R, C, I – Schoharie) today announced a new state law to prohibit zone pricing on motor fuels throughout New York is now in effect. The Assemblyman supported the legislation in direct response to the zone pricing practices on motor fuels throughout the seven counties he represents.

“The motorists in my community are very concerned about why gasoline is priced differently throughout the various towns and regions of our state. Now I am very pleased to be able to tell them that this practice will come to an end,” said Assemblyman Lopez.

The Assemblyman supported the bill, which was passed by the Legislature during this summer’s special session and signed into law by the Governor in September. The law is currently in effect and under the enforcement of the Attorney General.

Assemblyman Lopez also announced enactment of another, related, piece of legislation that would help stimulate more competition and further reduce the price of motor fuels. This bill, A.9073, would allow for the sale of local or “unbranded” fuels and was also signed into law by the Governor in September.

“Although the price of gasoline has dropped considerably over the last few months, this is not to say that prices will not escalate again in the future. I believe it is in the best interest for our state, and especially in the relatively rural areas that I represent, for our government to get serious about finding alternative sources of motor fuels and to explore new ways in which we can sustain our quality of life while ensuring we meet our state’s growing energy needs,” said Assemblyman Lopez.

At press time, the average price of regular gasoline in New York State was $2.01 per gallon, making New York State still one of the most expensive markets for gasoline in the nation. In fact, according to www.newyorkstategasprices.com, New York is second only to Hawaii in terms of most expensive gasoline prices. As Assemblyman Lopez stated, “This is a result, in large part, to the high taxes collected on gasoline. I have been a strong advocate for removing these taxes, which would bring the price of motor fuels in our state in line with our neighboring states without compromising the condition of our roadways and bridges.” The average prices of gasoline within the seven counties represented by Assemblyman Lopez are currently between $2.03 and $2.09 per gallon.