Assemblyman Pete Lopez Applauds Governor’s 2010 State Of The State

Reinforces the Governor’s “Call to Arms” to Rebuild New York; A Statement from Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R, C, I – Schoharie)
January 7, 2010
In his recent State of the State message, Governor Paterson gave Albany a reality check – a frank accounting of the need to change the way the state does business, or collapse under its own weight.

Chief among his priorities and recommendations were:

  • Rebuilding our economy, with an emphasis on small businesses and manufacturing;
  • Controlling wasteful state spending and duplication, while encouraging reforms that would allow the state to meet the needs of its people in a sustainable manner; and
  • Enacting reforms that would give clear guidance on the appropriate and acceptable conduct of our elected officials as they perform their official duties – putting people first, instead of climbing over others to improve their personal position.

As he spoke, the Governor carried this message with the full authority of his office. His sentiment and emotions representative of the many people I’ve spoken with in my work across the seven counties I represent – farmers, business owners, working families, seniors – the collective voice of the people of New York.

The question remains, will Albany leaders accept this message or will they continue on the present, unsustainable path?

I believe constructive change can occur where we have the collective will to make the reforms needed to rebuild the State of New York.

While more work will be needed to flesh out and refine his recommendations, I, for one, welcome the Governor’s challenge, and encourage my friends and neighbors across the 127th Assembly District to work with him as partners with a shared vision for the future of New York.