Assemblyman Pete Lopez Calls For Cuomo To Rescind State Police Raises

January 14, 2011
Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R, C, I – Schoharie) today wrote to Governor Andrew Cuomo asking him to immediately rescind 11th hour raises given to the upper management State Police by former Governor David Paterson at the end of his term.

“It was completely inappropriate for former Governor Paterson to dole out raises with tens of thousands unemployed, and many others struggling to stay in their homes and keep their farms and business afloat. If the former governor felt this was the right thing to do, he should not have done it behind the scenes, leaving a new administration to deal with the fallout,” said Assemblyman Lopez.

While Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced he will review the raises, Assemblyman Lopez is calling on the new governor to go one step further and rescind the raises completely.

Recently, New Yorkers learned that nearly $600,000 in raises were made to 28 top officers by acting State Police Superintendent John Melville, who was reported as giving himself a $20,394 pay hike to top off his annual salary at $179,756.

Assemblyman Lopez continued, “The raises that went into effect on December 9, 2010 continue former Governor Paterson’s erratic pattern of calling for fiscal prudence while acting to the contrary. I am encouraged by Governor Cuomo’s reaction to this shocking news and believe he earnestly is looking to change the broken, backroom ways of those who came before him. I fully support Governor Cuomo’s review of the matter and hope he will heed my call for immediately rescinding these raises.”