Assemblyman Pete Lopez Calls The Assembly One-House Budget Resolution A Missed Opportunity

Calls on Legislature to engage in reforms & tax relief
March 16, 2011
Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R, C, I – Schoharie) voted against the Assembly one-house budget resolution, calling it a missed opportunity in the effort to put New York State back on track.

“This budget resolution calls for billions in new taxes, while offering little or no reforms,” said Assemblyman Lopez. “New York will never emerge from this recession unless, and until, we collectively embrace the task the people have laid before us – to transform the way we do business.”

The one-house budget resolution, approved by the Assembly last night, authorizes nearly $5 billion in new taxes, including taxes on births and radiology treatments. The resolution offers no mechanisms for arresting runaway growth in Medicaid, burgeoning pressures on state and local retirement systems, offering mandate relief and other reforms that would ensure quality, affordable education or provide much-needed property tax relief.

Moreover, the resolution failed to reinforce the Governor’s message that New York State must strengthen its economy to ensure small businesses, the largest employer of New Yorkers, continue to invest in our state.

“The Assembly budget resolution was not a step forward in resolving New York’s fiscal problems – it was a step backward. We are an intelligent people and can do better than this. The residents of this state deserve much better than this missed opportunity,” concluded Assemblyman Lopez.