Assemblyman Pete Lopez Joins Owners & Area Leaders In Announcing Expansion Of The Dutch Ale House In Saugerties

Works to advance micro-brewery – strengthening area tourism & sustainable agriculture
May 18, 2012
Pictured above, front row, left to right, Assemblyman Pete Lopez, Village Board Member Jeannine Mayer, John and Karyn Pavich, Nancy Eccles, Ken Swart, Tom Holmes, Ulster County Chamber’s Carol Ricken; back row, Ulster County Chamber’s Fran De Petrillo, Mayor Bill Murphy, Village Board Member Terry Parisian, Father Chris Berean – Pastor at Mary of the Snow – and John Eccles.
Strengthening business and tourism, supporting local, sustainable agriculture – all this and more – were part of the conversation at the Dutch Ale House in the Village of Saugerties as Assemblyman Pete Lopez, local leaders, chamber members and others celebrated the long-awaited grand opening of John and Karyn Pavich’s micro-brewery.

In 2008, Assemblyman Lopez began working with the previous owner of the Dutch Ale House to discuss the project and map out a course of action. Roughly two years later, when Karyn and John Pavich purchased the restaurant they continued the work with Assemblyman Lopez to advance their expansion plans, giving special emphasis to building the on-site brewery.

“John and Karyn had to jump through a number of hoops to get their business expanded, from meeting zoning and building codes requirements to satisfying state permits and licenses,” noted Assemblyman Lopez. “Building the on-site brewery was an exciting part of the project and an effort we all were passionate about seeing to completion.”

Karyn Pavich said, “When we first bought the Dutch our main goal was to build an on-site micro-brewery. Early on, we realized that we had a lot to learn about running a restaurant before we could even fathom dealing with the paperwork required to become a licensed brewery. About a year into things we found the time to complete the paperwork, and it took us nearly another year to get approvals from both the federal level with the TTB and then with the State Liquor Authority. At one point, it was held up in Albany for over three months when we reached out to Pete Lopez’s office for some help, and just a day or two later, we received a response asking for more paperwork to approve the license and less than a month later we were able to meet their conditions and finally become a licensed brewpub.”

Karyn Pavich continued, “We were ecstatic to find the license in the mail early this year. We knew from the beginning that Pete had helped the previous owners overcome some other red tape to begin the addition on the decades-old pub to include a party room and the brewery. We couldn't wait to call and tell him that we had finally gotten our licenses - four years after the project began. We are so grateful that Pete helped us make our dream into a reality. We are now proud to be a part of the Hudson Valley community of brewers. We couldn't ask for a better group of people to be among. It’s exciting to be a part of the Hudson Valley’s growing beer trail!”

Earlier this spring, the Pavichs began selling their first brew: Karyn’s Pale Ale. According to the Pavichs, they named the beer after Mrs. Pavich after some off-duty guardsmen told them that the Coast Guard always names their first boat for a woman. She said, “We call it KPA for short.”

The brewery joins a growing micro-brewery, vineyard and distillery movement that has been spreading through the Hudson Valley in recent years. Assemblyman Lopez said, “With sustainable economic industries like eco- or agri-tourism on the rise, breweries, vineyards and distilleries are another way to help draw tourism and valuable dollars to our region. Even as we continue rebuilding from the 2011 floods and recession, projects like this give us an opportunity to redefine our region’s economy in a sustainable way.”

Ward D. Todd, the President of Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce, said, “This is an excellent example of a successful small-business model that will help to draw even more people to Saugerties. Karyn and John are to be congratulated on their commitment to bettering Saugerties and Ulster County.”

The Dutch Ale House is located at 253 Main Street in Saugerties. The gastro-pub’s kitchen is run by CIA Chef John Dedek and features 15 craft beers on tap and 40 bottled in addition to their supply of KPA. They are open daily for lunch and dinner.