Goldfeder Fighting For Natural Gas for Broad Channel Residents and Businesses

November 10, 2011
Today, Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder (D–Far Rockaway) sent a letter to the Public Service Commission opposing the Petition for Relief filed by National Grid. In the letter, Assemblyman Goldfeder urged the Public Service Commission to compel National Grid to provide natural gas service to the Broad Channel neighborhood in Queens.

“Broad Channel is the only neighborhood in New York City that does not have access to natural gas,” Goldfeder said. “And that’s simply because National Grid has deemed it unprofitable for their bottom line to provide this essential service to the Broad Channel community. That is unacceptable and I think it’s time we put the people of Broad Channel before profits.”

Broad Channel residents and business owners have been fighting for natural gas service for years. In his letter, Goldfeder outlined the safety and economic reasons behind the push to bring natural gas to the island community.

“It’s no secret that the price of heating oil is on the rise,” Goldfeder said. “Without a natural gas alternative, many Broad Channel residents, especially seniors on fixed incomes, could end up in a situation where they’re forced to choose between buying prescription drugs and heating their homes this winter.”

Goldfeder said that Broad Channel residents are forced to rely on potentially dangerous 100 pound cylinders of propane to cook in their homes and expensive, dirty heating fuel.

“As an island neighborhood, Broad Channel is subject to strong winds and heavy flooding, especially during a hurricane or tropical storm,” Goldfeder said. “And because Board Channel doesn’t have access to natural gas – like all other New York City neighborhoods do – there’s a greater likelihood of fire hazards and other such dangers associated with propane fuel. Bringing natural gas to Broad Channel would provide not only a more affordable heating fuel, but a safer one as well.”