Assemblyman Goldfeder: Redesign of Dangerous Lindenwood Intersection Should Be a Priority

February 6, 2012
Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) recently sent letters to New York City Parks Department Commissioner, Dorothy Lewandowski and New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner, Maura McCarthy requesting an investigation into the dangerous convergence at 88th Street and 153rd Avenue in Lindenwood and exploring the possibility of installing a proper median or a traffic calming circle.

According to Goldfeder, the three-way intersection is not currently meeting the demands of the bustling neighborhood traffic. The painted triangle and signage that are presently directing traffic are difficult to follow and often unnoticed by drivers. Motorists frequently turn into the wrong lanes or ignore directional indicators entirely, passing over crosswalks and the right-of-way from other lanes.

“This intersection is a constant danger and eyesore for the community,” Assemblyman Goldfeder said. “Our families should not have to deal with unsafe conditions as they go about their daily lives. The intersection creates a dangerous environment for motorists and pedestrians alike.”

Recently, a number of residents and community leaders expressed concern regarding the intersection’s increasingly deteriorating conditions. In response, Assemblyman Goldfeder suggested placing several barriers along the center of the intersection to properly direct the flow of traffic and build a green space to further beautify the community. Goldfeder also recommended the possibility of installing a traffic calming circle to ease the safety concerns of residents.

“Fixing this problem now could help prevent a serious tragedy in the future.” Assemblyman Goldfeder said, “I’ve urged the Department of Transportation and the Department of Parks to work together to make this a priority and remedy the situation.”