Assemblyman Goldfeder: Assembly Passes Legislation to Help Ease Burden of Flood Damages

Legislation would help affected areas rebuild by providing alternative sources of funding
March 19, 2012
Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) announced the passage of a bill he sponsored in the state Assembly that would provide financing for certain extraordinary expenses incurred as a result of flood damage from Hurricane Irene (A. 9211). The bill would provide municipalities and local school districts with the authority to issue serial bonds to help pay for flood-relief measures and would also provide them with additional flexibility in determining how to finance such expenses.

“Hurricane Irene caused incredible damage to our community, battering our beaches, stripping away parts of our boardwalk and displacing large amounts of sand,” said Assemblyman Goldfeder. “The displaced sands and damaged boardwalks threatened the safety of schools, homes and roads throughout the narrow Rockaway peninsula community. The cost of repairing such damage has been considerable, and the financial aid provided in this bill would go a long way in helping Rockaway continue its long and strenuous rebuilding process.”

Hurricane Irene caused some of the worst flooding recorded in recent years, and as a result many communities and school districts throughout the state were severely affected. This bill would help local governments manage the costs of repairing the damage by providing additional financing options. The legislation provides local governments with greater flexibility in determining where flood relief aid is needed the most, helping them manage some of the more considerable expenses, Assemblyman Goldfeder noted.

“Rebuilding and repairing our community is not a luxury – it is a necessity. Our community has been hard at work in their attempts to clean up and move forward since Hurricane Irene hit at the end of last summer and caused so much long-term destruction,” Assemblyman Goldfeder said. “At the very least, Rockaway families deserve some help shouldering the high costs associated with rebuilding.”