Assemblyman Goldfeder Urges DOT to Create More Parking in Lindenwood

May 21, 2012
Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) recently sent a letter to the Borough Commissioner of the Queens division of the Department of Transportation (DOT), Maura McCarthy, regarding the lack of parking on 157th Avenue in Lindenwood, Queens.

“In light of the ongoing development in this area, it is critical that we create adequate parking for local families trying to go about their daily business,” said Assemblyman Goldfeder. “While new families continue to move in – they are of course welcomed addition to the neighborhood – we must not neglect those already living here.”

The street, which falls between 77th and 80th streets, is particularly wide and could likely accommodate angled parking spaces. In his letter, Assemblyman Goldfeder requested that the commissioner address the situation, as it is a growing concern for many area residents.

“I have heard from many of my constituents regarding the inconvenience the lack of parking has created for them,” Assemblyman Goldfeder said. “I have taken their concerns to the local DOT Commissioner and urged her to investigate this matter and find an adequate solution.”