Assemblyman Goldfeder Announces Removal of Graffiti on Joseph P. Addabbo Bridge
Letter from Goldfeder to Mayor's office sparks action
May 17, 2012

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) announced that the New York City Graffiti Removal Unit removed the graffiti on the Joseph P. Addabbo Memorial Bridge, in response to his April 24th letter that he wrote to the Mayor's office regarding this issue.

"While enjoying some time touring Jamaica Bay, I noticed the graffiti on the side of the bridge and immediately sent a letter to the Mayor's office," Assemblyman Goldfeder said. "The bridge is a prominent landmark in our community, with countless people passing over and under it each day. The graffiti was an eyesore for our neighborhood and it needed to be removed."

Jamaica Bay in nationally recognized and is know for its beauty and economic activity. It is a 400-acre parcel of wetlands and shoreline that is widely regarded as one of the most expansive bird sanctuaries in the northeast and home to more than 60 species of butterflies and a wide variety of reptiles and fish, Goldfeder added.

"The American Littoral Society thanks Assemblyman Goldfeder for his quick response in helping improve the aesthetic quality of Jamaica Bay," Don Riepe, director of the society's New York chapter said. "He has shown great initiative and desire to work with the environmental and community groups in their long-term efforts to restore the bay."

"I want to commend the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit and Commissioner Nazli Parvizi for their quick response," said Assemblyman Goldfeder. "This is just another example of community leaders, elected officials and government agencies working together to achieve immediate and real results that better our community."

photo Before: Graffiti on the Joseph P. Addabbo Memorial Bridge

photo After: Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder at the graffiti free Joseph P. Addabbo Memorial Bridge