Assemblyman Goldfeder: Resorts World Leads Nation in Slot Revenue, Enhanced Gaming Would Bring More Jobs and Economic Development to Southern Queens

June 25, 2012
Dear Editor,

It was recently announced that Resorts World at Aqueduct topped the nation in slot machine revenue for the month of May, generating $57.5 million. That’s more than $2 million over Mohegan Sun’s slot machine revenue for the month of May and about $7 million over Foxwoods Casino, both of which are located in Connecticut.i These numbers alone should be enough to prove that enhanced gaming at Resorts World at the Aqueduct racetrack will only benefit Queens and all of New York State.

Revenues created by Resorts World benefit our community in three ways. First, Resorts World currently employs 1,700 people, of which 75 percent of those are from Queens.ii Second, when people are employed and have money to spend, a fair amount of it goes back to local businesses. Third, Resorts World provides a huge tax revenue base to support our local schools.

Between October 2011 and January 2012, Resorts World Contributed $61.5 million, or 44 percent of its earnings, to the state education fund.iii For too long, New York City has forfeited potential revenue to neighboring states like New Jersey and Connecticut because of its lack of gaming. While building Resorts World was undoubtedly a step in the right direction, with enhanced gaming, Resorts World will collect even more revenue, which in turn will allow it to hire more workers from our community. Schools benefit. Queens benefits. Everyone wins.

Earlier this year, as many of us know, there was a push by the governor for the development of the world’s largest convention center to be built at Aqueduct. While plans have been put aside for now, the convention center has great potential to further revitalize Queens. If plans are carried out to build the convention center here, even more jobs will be created for local families, further spurring economic development in our community

Since they began operations, Resorts World has been a valuable community partner who has worked hand-in-hand with elected leaders, the NYPD and the community to ensure a seamless transition and development at the Aqueduct facility. They are a perfect example of community partnership and we need to give them the tools necessary to continue to succeed and grow.

In these difficult economic times, it is hard to find revenue-generating opportunities, but we have one right here in Southern Queens. Let’s do all we can to maximize its potential and enhance gaming at Resorts World.

Phil Goldfeder
Member of Assembly