Goldfeder to Cuomo: Rebuilding our Bulkhead Will Create Jobs and Expand Our Economy

Goldfeder sent letter to Cuomo asking the governor to provide funding to develop waterfront and fix bulkhead near National Grid MGP site
Regional Economic Council should invest in Rockaway
July 2, 2012
Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) has sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo requesting that the New York City Regional Economic Development Council consider the National Grid MGP Plant site and bulkhead near Beach 108th Street as a potential area to receive funding.

“The purpose of the NYC Regional Economic Development Council is to develop long term strategic plans for economic growth,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. “There is no better project than the rebuilding of the bulkhead at Beach 108th Street and development of the MGP site to create jobs and spur real economic growth.”

In March Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder sent a letter to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg requesting that immediate attention be given to the deteriorated bulkhead. Close to five years ago, the city invested millions of dollars to repair the same section of the wall that is now rusted and rotting away. While the reason for the decay is unknown, the current potential for disaster is alarming.

In their response to Goldfeder’s letter, the city said that after an extensive study of the seawall they concurred with the community assessment that it was in poor condition and needed repair. They noted the severity of the issue and potential dangers on the community, but unfortunately were unable to provide funding for the repairs.

“This particular section of the Rockaway Bay wall needs immediate attention and repair,” Goldfeder said. “We cannot take chances on the safety and protection of the Rockaway community. National Grid has said that they will begin to consider reuse and redevelopment options for the site once the bulkhead is fixed and community members have presented various proposals. I urge the governor to please consider the former MGP Plant site and bulkhead in the second round of funding for the Excelsior jobs program.”

For nearly 100 years the MGP site housed a thriving industrial plant that generated jobs for our area. By revitalizing the site and repairing the deteriorated bulkhead, we can bring back this economic engine to Southern Queens and the Rockaways while revitalizing part of the waterfront, shielding the bay from contaminates and better protecting the community from future flooding, noted Goldfeder.