Grant to Install Security Cameras in Rockaway One Step Closer

Goldfeder pushed agencies to expedite process and provide necessary funding
July 30, 2012
Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) announced that there is significant progress on a grant that would allow for the installation of security cameras in six locations across the Rockaways. In response to recent serious crimes committed in the area, Assemblyman Goldfeder has urged that agencies responsible for distribution of funding to expedite the process.

“The NYPD works hard to keep our families safe, and these cameras will play an integral role in protecting the officers and the community,” said Assemblyman Goldfeder. “The cameras are absolutely necessary to fight crime in the area by identifying suspects and assisting in their prosecution, and I am thrilled that we are one step closer to having these cameras installed.”

In 2010, $300,000 was secured for the purchase and installation of new cameras within the confines of the 100th and 101st precincts. Currently, all necessary paperwork has been submitted to get the ball rolling on installing these cameras and now it is awaiting Bond Counsel approval. Once that is received, the grant will undergo a financial review and final desk audit which will be taking place over the next few weeks, Assemblyman Goldfeder noted.

“It’s a shame that these cameras were not in place sooner,” said Assemblyman Goldfeder. “I believe that some recent crimes could have been prevented had these cameras been in place, however, I commend our commanding officers, Captain Scott Olexa and Captain Kevin Maloney, for doing a courageous job. I am thrilled that they will finally receive the tools they need to keep our community safe.”