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Walter Weighs In On Passage Of State Budget

“Each year’s budget negotiation comes with a healthy measure of give and take from both sides on many important issues, and this year has been no exception. I am pleased to see several measures that promise to benefit Western New York including...

April 8, 2017
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Walter: Budget Extender Reflective of Lack of Leadership

“The public deserves better than what we saw in Albany over the past week. The truth is the budget process has been horrendous from the beginning, as we saw once again closed door negotiations, or lack thereof, that continued to keep the public in...

April 3, 2017
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Walter: Budget Process is Dysfunction at its Worst

“We’ve seen this story before by the governor and leadership, attempting to force members to vote on a budget they haven’t had the chance to read fully in order to get the budget passed on time. Now, here we are with less than 12 hours until the...

March 31, 2017
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‘Pass Ridesharing or Run the Risk of Uber Riding Out Of State’

“With the budget due on April 1, it’s frustrating Politicians are continuing to hold out in an effort to gain political leverage during the heart of budget negotiations, and despite overwhelming support from the public, the governor, and both...

March 28, 2017
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Walter: The Time for Ridesharing Is Now

“Allowing ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft to operate statewide has been a major priority of mine, but with the budget due on April 1, the big question many New Yorkers are still asking is whether or not ridesharing will get done this year....

March 27, 2017
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