Assemblyman Walter and Colleagues Take Stand Against Iran

Iran Divestment Act passes unanimously in Assembly
January 11, 2012

Assemblyman Ray Walter (R,C,I-Amherst) this week voted in favor of legislation that will prevent New York state tax dollars from being invested in Iranian petroleum, natural gas, or nuclear power. The bill, which unanimously passed the Assembly, is a major step toward protecting the interests and safety of America and our allies at home and abroad.

“Iran poses a major threat to America, Israel, the Middle East and the entire global community,” said Walter. “It is our duty as Americans to protect ourselves and our closest allies, and that means standing up to destructive forces that defy global efforts to maintain peace and stability. Iran’s actions and stances against Israel prove that they are an enemy of peace and freedom, and this legislation offers an opportunity to work on the state level to affect positive change globally. The unanimous passage of this bill is a shining example of bipartisan leadership working together for the common good of our friends and families here and abroad.”

The bill classifies any person who engages in investment activities in Iran as a “non-responsive bidder for services and commodities.” In effect, any party named to the list would be ineligible to bid on a contract with the state, to propose to renew an existing contract, or to take up the responsibility of an existing contract for commodities, services or construction.