Walter Introduces Series of Bills

Lawmaker sets agenda for beginning of legislative session
January 27, 2012

Assemblyman Ray Walter (R,C,I-Amherst) recently introduced his first package of legislation with bi-partisan support, setting the agenda for the beginning of the 2012 Legislative Session. The 22 bills that Walter has signed onto cover a myriad of crucial issues in Western New York, many of them aimed at reducing the size and cost of government in order to provide tax relief for local families and businesses. The assemblyman is supporting legislation to create jobs by reducing the cost of doing business, in addition to a collection of bills that will shift the crippling burden of Medicaid to the state and off the backs of local taxpayers.

“The key to lowering taxes in our community is to make government cost less,” said Walter. “Governor Cuomo has correctly identified Medicaid as the biggest cost driver for local taxes, and I agree that it is the state’s responsibility to pay for their own, mandated programs. By reducing the size and cost of government, Western New York’s taxpayers will see the real savings that they so desperately need.”

Walter is supporting a state spending cap and has signed onto the Small Business Relief Act, which features several provisions to foster job creation and a more attractive business environment in New York. The legislation is part of his overall effort to reduce the 49,000 pages of job-killing state regulations levied against business owners.

In addition to reducing spending and cutting taxes, Walter is advancing legislation to make our community a better, safer place to raise a family. He is continuing his push to crack down on cyber bullying – the act of prolonged harassment by way of the Internet. Walter is sponsoring legislation to clearly define cyber bullying and attach guidelines for punishment, a law he proposed during his time in the Erie County Legislature.

“We have seen the tragic result of malicious cyber bullying right here in our own community,” said Walter. “This preventable form of harassment continues to haunt our children because state law hasn’t evolved over time to address the threats presented by the Internet. We can’t sit idly by while Western New York’s children continue to suffer.”

Walter also is supporting the Volunteer Firefighter and Ambulance Worker Protection and Incentive Act. The legislation will increase not only incentives for local residents to volunteer, but also measures to protect their health and safety by expanding access to health insurance and critical communication services needed when lives are on the line.

“Our communities rely on the courage, selflessness and bravery of our volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers,” said Walter. “It is our duty to protect those that put their lives on the line to protect us. I will always be proud to stand alongside these heroic men and women and will do everything I can to help our volunteer units attract more personnel.”

Interested parties can read more about Assemblyman Walter’s legislation by visiting and entering the corresponding bill numbers, which are as follows: