Walter Fights Child Abuse

Local tragedy highlights need for tougher laws
May 3, 2012

Assemblyman Ray Walter (R,C,I-Amherst) is co-sponsoring Assembly bill 9488, legislation that would more than triple the jail sentence for child abusers. Walter recently met Jay J. Bolvin of North Tonawanda, an infant who was beaten so brutally by his father in 2011 that he was left with 11 fractured bones and epilepsy, causing Jay J. to endure frequent seizures. Due to the 2007 assault conviction Jay J.ís father received for beating another son, this tragedy could have been prevented by length of incarceration proposed by the legislation.

"The kind of evil one must possess to assault a child cannot be allowed to roam free in our community," said Walter. "Jay J.ís story is one of preventable tragedy. It was absolutely overwhelming to meet with this child who will face the kind of struggles that most of us cannot comprehend for the rest of his life. This is an issue that transcends any issue of partisan politics and forces us to look in the mirror and ask just how serious we are about protecting New Yorkís children from the horrors Jay J. has experienced. I will fight tooth and nail to deliver justice for Jay J. and ensure that no child is ever faced with the tragic circumstances he is battling so bravely."

Walter noted that the meeting with Jay J.ís family emboldened his drive to see the legislation through to passage.

"Meeting Jay J.ís aunt, uncle and grandparents and seeing their commitment to helping prevent future tragedies was truly inspiring," said Walter. "This is a family that truly cares about their community and doesnít want to see anyone else have to confront the horrors they are facing. They are the most passionate and effective advocates for what will one day be known as "Jay J.ís Law," and I hope that their story will move the Legislature to act on this critical issue."