Walter Votes To Crack Down On Child Pornography

Assemblyman works to erase illicit market
June 20, 2012

Assemblyman Raymond Walter (R,C,I-Amherst) recently voted to fix a glaring deficiency in state law that failed to properly crack down on people who view child pornography. While a law was passed in 1996 aiming to destroy the market for such illicit material, a New York Court of Appeals case in May of 2012 ruled that further legislation was required to properly penalize those that view child pornography, rather than only those that produce it.

“State law has been severely lacking in its approach to eliminating child pornography, which is a disgusting pock mark on all of society and an egregious form of child abuse,” said Walter. “This legislation will close the gap that allowed consumers of such vile material to escape proper punishment and takes a much-needed step toward protecting our children. State law will now reflect that viewing child pornography is no less of an offense than being involved in perpetrating such heinous acts.”