Assemblywoman Jacobs Speaks to Youth about Civic Responsibility

Jacobs supports the Brooklyn College Community Partnership
February 29, 2012
Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs, a long time champion for Brooklyn’s under-served youth, recently spoke before a hundred young people at a Brooklyn College Community Partnership (BCCP) celebration. The event was a formal acknowledgment ceremony at the BCCP’s Brooklyn College office to thank the TransCanada Corporation for a $20,000 grant towards BCCP’s youth development activities.

Ms. Jacobs emphasized the importance of voting and being an active, informed member of the community; “the youth have the power to change the community, the country and the world.”

“Organizations like BCCP encourage young people to believe in themselves and their academic and professional promise,” said Assemblywoman Jacobs. “I take pride in helping to foster a sense of civic responsibility amongst youngsters and impress upon them that political participation and awareness are keys to a brighter future,” add Ms. Jacobs.

The BCCP – founded in 1994 – is a youth development organization which serves dozens of schools in Brooklyn, providing academic support, recreational activities and an array of afterschool programs to about 1,500 local students per year.

According to Diane Reiser, the Chief Operating Officer of the BCCP, the organization’s services are particularly geared towards exposing young people to college, aiding them in the college application process, and providing them with academic support, such as tutoring and SAT prep, as well as mentorship.

Reiser underscored that, while BCCP has afterschool programs on site at numerous schools throughout the borough, the Brooklyn College office is “a space with caring adults who show [students] that they are capable of going to college.” She added that the organization’s initiatives are supported, financially and otherwise, by grants from local government, organizations like TransCanada and elected officials such as Ms. Jacobs.

“Assemblywoman Jacobs has been a huge supporter of ours and supports everything at the college,” said Ms. Reiser.

“I am truly proud of the BCCP’s work in the community and am pleased to have been able to speak at this momentous celebration,” Jacobs said. “I look forward to continued collaboration with the BCCP as we work together to provide resources to help encourage and inspire Brooklyn’s youth.”