Assemblywoman Jacobs Stands Up For Child Care

Jacobs urges the Governor to preserve funding for CUNY/SUNY childcare
March 8, 2012
As New York legislators deliberate on this year’s state budget, Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs (D-Flatbush) has taken action to ensure that affordable and accessible childcare remains a priority.

Specifically, Ms. Jacobs and twenty-four of her Assembly colleagues sent a letter to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver encouraging him restore funding for the CUNY/SUNY childcare programs in the final 2012-2013 state budget. The Governor has completely eliminating funding for this vital program in his proposed budget.

The child care programs offered at CUNY/SUNY campuses provide a wide range of services that enhance the life of both student-parent and child. Participating children receive early childhood education services provided by state certified educators enabling student-parents to pursue a high quality education that will help their families upon graduation.

“This state-wide program is essential to the quality of life of both student-parents and their children,” said Jacobs. “As one of the original creators of child care on our higher education campuses, this program is truly an investment in human and economic development.”

Jacobs noted that over 1,600 student-parents and 2,400 children specifically rely on the services provided by CUNY’s child care centers. The children receive early childhood education facilitated by State certified early childhood educators, while student-parents receive a service that is critical to their success in academia.