Assembly Majority Approves Spending Plan that Protects New York's Working Families

March 30, 2012
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assistant Speaker Rhoda Jacobs (D-Flatbush) continue to release details of the final state budget that restores more than $50 million for workforce development and human services programs and boost the public assistance grant increase to ten percent.

“The Assembly majority remains committed to New York’s working families,” said Assemblywoman Jacobs. “Temporary assistance programs are essential for many families struggling to make ends meet during a turbulent economy. The 2012-13 state budget includes a significant investment of more than $16.7 million in critical safety net funding to protect vital programs and services.”

Ms. Jacobs said the Assembly advocated for more than $50 million in restorations to human services programs to help New York’s neediest families. The Assembly also fought for a public assistance grant increase of five percent on July 1, 2012 and an additional five percent increase on October 1, 2012 to achieve full implementation of a 10 percent public assistance grant increase in this fiscal year.

Restorations made to workforce training programs in the state budget ensure that all New Yorkers on the margins have the tools they need to achieve economic security and self-sufficiency. The state budget provides $4.4 million for various Department of Labor workforce initiatives, including funding for Workforce Development Institute. Additionally, the spending plan preserves more than $1 million in funding for vital resources such as the SUNY and CUNY child care centers to ensure more parents of young children can attend college and invest in the future of their families.

The state budget also includes restorations to the following safety net programs:

  • Non-Residential Domestic Violence Services ($1.2 million);
  • Child Care subsidies ($2 million);
  • Child Care Facilitated Enrollment ($1.3 million);
  • ACCESS- Welfare to Careers ($800,000);
  • Emergency Homeless Needs ($500,000);
  • Food Pantry Initiative ($250,000);
  • Strengthing Families through Stronger Fathers ($200,000);
  • Bridge ($102,000);
  • Caretaker Relative/Kinship ($51,000);
  • Career Pathways ($750,000);
  • Displaced Homemakers ($546,000);
  • Advantage Schools ($500,000);
  • The Wage Subsidy Program ($950,000);
  • Nurse Family Partnership ($2 million);
  • ATTAIN Technology Training ($3 million); and
  • Settlement Houses ($1 million).