Assembly Legislation Authorizes NYC to Expand Kindergarten Education

June 6, 2012
Assembly Assistant Speaker Rhoda Jacobs (D-Flatbush) joined Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Education Committee Chair Catherine Nolan yesterday to announce the passage of legislation that empowers New York City to make kindergarten mandatory for five-year-olds.

The measure (A.9861), which Assemblywoman Jacobs co-sponsored, amends the Education Law and authorizes the New York City Board of Education to require minors who are five years old by December 1st to attend kindergarten instruction.

“As a passionate longtime advocate for early childhood education, I am excited about the passage of this bill,” said Jacobs. “We know it is a fact that early education is vital to the success of our children, and this bill will help ensure that our five-year-olds get the solid start they need and deserve."

Students who are enrolled in non-public schools or who are home-schooled would not be required to attend kindergarten. Parents may also elect to delay enrollment of their five-year-old children in school until the following September.