May 16th was Haitian Unity Day!

June 6, 2012
Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs (D-Flatbush) proudly co-sponsored and helped pass an Assembly resolution that memorializes Governor Cuomo to proclaim May 16, 2012 as Haitian Unity Day in the State of New York. This is in advance of May 18th, which is commonly known as Haitian Flag Day a day to celebrate the Haitian Revolution and the Haitian people.

Haiti is the second nation in the Western Hemisphere and has since stood as a beacon of freedom as the first black governed republic in the world.

The Haitian Revolution ignited a ground-breaking change in the history of the modern world as one of the two successful attempts, along with the American Revolution, to achieve permanent independence from a European colonial power before the 19th century. Furthermore it is generally considered the most successful slave rebellion ever to have occurred in the Americas and as a defining moment in the history of Africans in the New World.

On this day we celebrate the contributions of the Haitian people in New York State and throughout the world.