Statement on DREAM

June 26, 2012
"I applaud President Obama for taking this long overdue step to prevent almost a million young immigrants from being deported after arriving in this country as children. For many of these young people, the United States is their home, the only country they've ever known. Sadly, through no fault of their own, they have been marginalized and have not been able to fully participate in the American dream. Allowing these young people to stop living in fear is the first step for them to become more productive members of this country; the country they love and support. As Assistant Speaker, I will continue to forcefully and passionately work in Albany to make sure that New York State DREAM Act legislation becomes reality and that our state once again leads the nation in fairness and equity for our hard working immigrant families."

To find out more about the President's Executive Order, please go to:

As always, for immigration assistance or help with any other matter, do not hesitate to stop by Assemblywoman Jacobs' Community Service Office located at 2294 Nostrand Avenue (between Avenues I & J) or call (718) 434-0446.