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Robert K. Sweeney
Assembly District 11
Chair, Environmental Conservation Committee
Sweeney Acts to Protect Our Water
February 22, 2012

In 1998 the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) began developing a Long Island Pesticide Use Management Plan to protect our drinking water from harmful pesticides.

As part of this investigation DEC had compiled information on pesticide contaminants detected in our groundwater. Some of these pesticides have been linked to health problems, including kidney and neurological problems.

Assemblyman Bob Sweeney was concerned with the very slow pace at which this issue was advancing through the DEC bureaucracy – fourteen years.

Sweeney swung into action, holding a hearing at Babylon Town Hall regarding the quality of Long Island groundwater. He contacted the Commissioner of the DEC and pointed out that “Long Island depends on groundwater as our sole source of drinking water. It is critical that we protect this water source to ensure protection of our health, our environment and our future.”

As a result the DEC has established a new timeline, releasing the pesticide plan this month for public review and comment, with the plan to be finalized by July.

“This plan is an important part of our efforts to ensure that Long Island continues to have a clean, healthy and plentiful source of drinking water now and for future generations,” concluded Assemblyman Sweeney.

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