Assembly Gives Final Legislative Approval to Water Rescue Team License Plate

June 7, 2004

The State Assembly today approved legislation (A.9702/S.5837-A) that would create a distinctive license plate for water rescue team members around the state. "The many water rescue teams across New York provide an important and invaluable service," said Assemblyman Robin Schimminger, who sponsored the bill in the Assembly. "Allowing the members of a water rescue team to have a distinctive license plate to display will enhance their ability to save lives. It also gives us a way to recognize their courage and dedication."

"Water rescue team members have a job where minutes, even seconds, count when they are trying to save someone’s life," said Schimminger. "This distinctive license plate will enable a water rescue team member to save time in an emergency situation, for example, by being waved through a roadblock at an accident site."

"Certainly, with New York State’s plentiful waterways, it is imperative that people take the proper precautions when venturing out into the water. If trouble does happen, though, it is good to know that New York State’s water rescue team members are ready to help," Schimminger concluded.

Senator George Maziarz, R-C-North Tonawanda, sponsored this legislation in the State Senate, which passed the bill in March. The legislation now awaits final approval by the Governor.