Schimminger Directs State Funds to N.T. Drainage, Sewer Projects

June 3, 2005

State Assemblyman Robin Schimminger announced today that he is directing $50,000 in special state funding to the City of North Tonawanda to help alleviate flooding and sewer problems in the city.

“I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been able to provide a $50,000 legislative capital grant to enable North Tonawanda to proceed with long-needed drainage and sewer work in several areas of the city,” said Assemblyman Schimminger. “These problems were brought to my attention by local officials, and I’m glad we’ve been able to work together to address the periodic flooding and sewer backups plaguing the affected neighborhoods.”

Three projects aimed at relieving street and yard flooding to be undertaken with the state funds include new storm sewers on 18th Avenue between Payne Avenue and Carr Street and on Adelaide Place between Ward and Rogers Avenues and a storm drain extension on Summit Boulevard. In addition, a forcemain sanitary sewer extension, aided by the state grant, will eliminate sanitary sewer backups into local residences in the area of Fassett and Schenck Streets.

Local officials said the addition of new storm sewers and drains will remove the standing water in the affected areas and help alleviate the mosquito infestation problems that have plagued the neighborhoods for years.

“This state funding is certainly good news for the residents of these neighborhoods and for all city taxpayers, as well. I thank Assemblyman Schimminger for responding to our concerns and providing these state funds to the City of North Tonawanda. These are important projects which the city would have been hard-pressed to undertake on its own. It’s good to know that when we ask our state assemblyman for help, he is both willing and able to deliver for our city,” said North Tonawanda Alderman at Large Larry Soos.

Niagara County Legislator William M. Davignon said, “I would like to thank Assemblyman Schimminger for obtaining a $50,000 state legislative grant to help fix the drainage and sewer problems in North Tonawanda’s 9th Legislative District. Fixing the drainage back-ups in my district has been one of my top priorities. I know that Assemblyman Schimminger shares the same concern for our constituents as I do.”

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Alderman Soos and Legislator Davignon in addressing these problems. Bringing home a fair share of state aid has always been among my top priorities,” concluded Schimminger.