State Grant to Aid Snow Removal and Maintenance

December 27, 2005

A State Assembly grant will enable the City of Tonawanda to more quickly and efficiently clear the sidewalks in the downtown area of snow, Assemblyman Robin Schimminger announced today.

"Iím pleased to announce that I have been able to respond favorably to a funding request made earlier this year by Mayor Jack Gallagher and provide $50,000 in legislative funds for two pieces of equipment for the cityís Department of Public Works. A BobCat with a snow blower attachment will make it safer for senior citizens and other pedestrians who have to walk to get to stores and other downtown destinations during the winter. Rather than having the sidewalks cleared gradually by a crew with two or three walk-behind snow blowers, one operator on the BobCat will be able to make short work of a snowfall. And a new tractor with brush and grass removal attachments will enable the DPW to better maintain creek and canal banks and roadside ditches during warmer weather, easing concerns over rodents and insects that can infest these areas and improving our cityís appearance," said Assemblyman Schimminger.

"As Mayor, I want to offer my sincere thank you to Assemblyman Schimminger for this much needed Christmas gift for the City of Tonawanda. This equipment will help to make our city streets and sidewalks much safer in the winter and help to beautify our waterfront and green space in the summer. Assemblyman Schimminger has always recognized the needs of our small city and the budgetary constraints we face in attempting to meet those needs. Once again, he has supplied us with the means to offer our citizens the services they so well deserve. These two pieces of equipment will serve to improve the quality of life of our residents and visitors alike, and we are most appreciative," said Tonawanda Mayor Jack E. Gallagher.

The BobCat will be equipped with multi-functional specialized attachments to meet the needs of road maintenance and other improvements all four seasons at a cost of $25,100. The 60" snow blower attachment will also allow the Canalway Trail and sidewalks in Gateway Harbor Park, on the Erie Canal bridges and in the central business district to be cleared more easily, while a trencher can be used for a variety of projects, such as burying electrical conduit for lighting and a sound system in Gateway Harbor that were purchased with a previous state grant. The new tractor will have mower deck and sickle bar attachments, bringing its cost to $24,900.

"Bringing state dollars home from Albany has always been a top priority of mine," said Schimminger, "and Iíve welcomed the opportunity to work with Mayor Gallagher and the Council on this and other locally initiated projects."