Aid for Local School Districts Announced

March 31, 2006

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger said today that the 2006-07 budget approved by the State Legislature includes increases in state aid for all of the school districts in his Assembly District.

“I am pleased that the Legislature was able to improve upon the Governor’s school aid proposal,” Schimminger said. “A number of changes were made to the Governor’s proposal, including an increase in ‘flex’ aid, and full funding was restored for a number of categorical aid programs including BOCES, instructional materials, computer hardware, and full-day kindergarten.” Schimminger released the following school aid figures for his Assembly District: Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda, $42,157,323, which includes a 7.88% increase of $3,079,622; Sweet Home, $20,007,984, which includes a 4.78% increase of $912,565; North Tonawanda, $30,791,846, which includes a 7.2% increase of $2,067,810, and the City of Tonawanda, $15,578,682, which includes a slight decrease of 0.86% or $135,786.

“Since the City of Tonawanda School District did not fare as well as the others under the standard school aid formula, I have been able to secure an additional $175,000 in discretionary funding from the Assembly for the Tonawanda School District. This offsets the decrease and adds an additional $39,214 in aid, bringing Tonawanda’s total aid for the upcoming school year to $15,753,682,” the Assemblyman added. “Each district will receive an increase over what the Governor proposed.”

In addition to traditional operating aid, school districts can also leverage additional monies for pre-K expansion and capital expenditures through the new EXpanding our Children’s Education and Learning (EXCEL) program. For pre-K expansion aid, the eligible reimbursement levels are: Kenmore-Tonawanda - $227,472, Sweet Home - $75,600, and North Tonawanda - $110,556. (Since the City of Tonawanda has not submitted plans to expand their pre-K program, the district received no allocation in this category.) For EXCEL aid, the eligible reimbursement levels are as follows: Kenmore-Tonawanda - $2,737,369, Sweet Home - $1,227,041, North Tonawanda - $1,376,696, and City of Tonawanda - $695,398.

The budget package now goes to the Governor for his approval.