State Assembly Grant to Boost N.T. Police Training

September 1, 2006

A state legislative grant of $15,000 will enable the City of North Tonawanda to improve training capabilities for the city’s police officers, Assemblyman Robin Schimminger announced today.

“I’m pleased to report that I was able to earmark these funds for the North Tonawanda Police Department as part of the 2006-07 state budget process,” said Schimminger. “This grant will enable the Police Department to repair and properly equip its training facilities in the Keller Building on Wheatfield Street. Mayor Soos asked for my assistance in trying to identify possible funding for this project, and I’m glad I was able to provide these funds and be of help to the city.”

“Chief Szukala has been very pro-active in looking for help with funding to enhance public protection in our city. Assemblyman Schimminger has again secured a grant for our city that will enable our Police Department to continue to be on the cutting edge of training and technology,” said North Tonawanda Mayor Larry Soos.

The State Assembly grant will enable the city to upgrade the training room used by the department with additional instructional equipment, computer projectors and other items, in addition to needed wall and ceiling repairs, new tables and chairs, and other furnishings. “Mayor Soos and Chief Szukala advise me that instructional vendors will provide training free of charge to a host police agency if a proper location with up-to-date amenities is available,” said Schimminger. “Also, other city departments will have access to the facility for training purposes.”

“Mayor Soos and Assemblyman Schimminger recognize the importance of training in the ever-changing world of law enforcement,” said North Tonawanda Chief of Police Randy Szukala. “With this grant we will be able to provide a modern facility to present increased in-service training and nationally acclaimed training programs, not only for the North Tonawanda Police Department but also for officers from across Western New York and the entire state. The benefit for North Tonawanda and Western New York law enforcement is tremendous.”

“Bringing state funding home to our community remains a priority of mine, and I was happy to work closely with Mayor Soos and Chief Szukala on this initiative to help improve public safety without burdening North Tonawanda property taxpayers,” concluded Schimminger.