Aid for Local School Districts Announced

April 1, 2007

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger said today that the 2007-08 state budget that was enacted by the State Legislature includes increases in state aid for all of the school districts in his Assembly District. “I am pleased that the Legislature was able to improve upon the Governor’s initial school aid proposal,” Schimminger said.

Schimminger released the following school aid figures for his Assembly District: City of Tonawanda, $14,640,959, which includes a 7.23% increase of $986,729; Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda, $48,505,323, which includes a 12.79% increase of $4,933,789; and Sweet Home, $17,496,604, which includes a 6.87% increase of $1,124,332. The North Tonawanda School District will receive a total of $29,700,376 which includes a 1.21% increase of $352,636 and a special Assembly grant of $150,000.

“Since North Tonawanda did not fare as well as other school district under the regular aid formula, I am pleased that I was able to secure an additional $150,000 in Assembly discretionary funding for the school district,” Schimminger said.

“The end result is a record level of state aid for each of the school districts in our Assembly District,” Schimminger noted.