State Funds Set For Area Trade Center

September 10, 2007

World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara is set to receive $50,000 in state legislative funding, Assemblyman Robin Schimminger and Senator Mary Lou Rath announced today.

The grant from the State Senate and State Assembly will be used to provide essential trade development services for small businesses in the Buffalo Niagara region. The state lawmakers announced the funding at Eastman Machine Company, a participant in World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara’s (WTCBN) export assistance program.

“I certainly applaud World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara’s mission of growing the economy, businesses and jobs in our region by bringing in investment dollars and exporting locally made products and locally generated services,” said Assemblyman Schimminger, who chairs the Assembly Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry. “WTCBN provides local companies with a central source of up-to-date information on security and border issues, global markets and export opportunities – vital pieces of what can be a complex and intimidating process for smaller businesses, which often lack in-house expertise in these areas. I’m pleased that my colleagues in the Western New York Assembly Majority Delegation and I were able to partner with Senator Rath in providing this funding.”

“World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara helps provide local businesses with the tools they need to find a global market for their products and services,” said Senator Rath. “Being able to successfully export not only strengthens a company’s bottom line, but it strengthens the entire Western New York economy. Businesses in the Buffalo-Niagara region must be competitive in a global market and WTCBN makes that happen. I thank Assemblyman Schimminger for his partnership in this effort.”

“The weakening dollar in the global marketplace brings a competitive advantage to our regional manufacturers. Now we need to capitalize on this advantage and strengthen our area’s economic competitiveness through international trade. World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara provides a one-stop-shop for business engaged in the global marketplace or businesses looking to expand internationally. Funding from the New York State Delegation ensures that WTCBN’s vibrant and strong international business development capabilities such as training, education, and consulting services will continue to create increased economic value for our binational region,” said Chris Johnston, President of World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara. “Eastman Machine Company is one of the companies that has benefited from the Local Access to Global Markets program, funded by New York State. We’re glad to be here today with Assemblyman Schimminger, Senator Rath and other members of the Western New York state legislative delegation to launch the new round of funding for a program that will help encourage other local companies to increase their export capabilities,” Johnston further stated.

“The effectiveness of Eastman’s international strategy relies on expanding and growing its export business into new market sectors. We’ve benefited from the services of World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara and we think the Local Access to Global Markets program and the funding from New York State is important for the region,” Robert L. Stevenson, President & CEO of Eastman Machine Company stated. “Currently, Eastman generates over 50 percent of its product revenue from sales to companies outside of the United States. Together with the services and support of the World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara; and agents and distributors in 125 countries, Eastman is able to support over 10,000 customers in diverse industries such as aerospace; technical textiles; composites; the marine industry, and apparel manufacturing. Eastman’s goal to continuously research and grow into new markets has contributed to expansion efforts that support the U.S. economy and maintain American jobs. Eastman is one of only a few manufacturing companies that can lay claim to thriving through three centuries – a record Eastman plans to continue, with the efforts of the WTCBN and the assistance of concerned representatives such as Assemblyman Schimminger, Senator Rath and their colleagues who have supported this initiative.”

Eastman Machine is a leading manufacturer of manually-operated cutting machines, automated cutting systems, and design software. Family-owned and operated in Buffalo, New York for five generations, Eastman offers a comprehensive line of over one hundred types of machines that are distributed worldwide. The announcement was followed by live demonstrations of Eastman’s state-of-the-art cutting technology in their “Demo Room” as well as guided tours of the manufacturing facility.

World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara is an international business development organization committed to helping Western New York companies reach their export potential by providing consulting services, education and training, and worldwide membership affiliation. WTCBN is one of nearly 300 certified World Trade Centers in 100 countries.