Legislature Approves New New York State Private Industry Review Council

July 16, 2009

The New York State Senate gave final legislative approval to legislation (A.2854/S.4437) previously passed by the Assembly to establish a Private Industry Review Council. Assemblyman Robin Schimminger, chair of the Assembly Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry, and Assembly sponsor of the measure, called the action “a significant move toward improving our state economic development programs. We need to get more ‘bang’ for our economic development ‘bucks.’”

The New York State Private Industry Review Council would be charged with conducting a complete and thorough review of current state economic development financial and business assistance programs and submitting a report to the Governor and the Legislature recommending changes necessary to eliminate duplication and also to streamline and reorganize economic development programs and services. Also, this legislation requires that the state’s major economic development agencies develop and implement performance planning techniques which will be used to judge the utility and effectiveness of economic development programs.

“The current economic climate has made it more important than ever before that we are utilizing our economic development tools effectively and efficiently,” said Schimminger.

Essentially, performance planning requires that goals be set to establish the level of performance or results to be achieved by a particular program and that the goals established be defined in measurable, quantifiable terms. Performance indicators are then designed and used to assess the extent to which actual program results meet the established program goals.

“Performance planning as required by this bill seeks to bring private sector concepts to bear on the actual delivery of economic development programs,” said Assemblyman Schimminger. “This legislation will strengthen and improve program and service delivery by bringing the private sector, and private sector principles and techniques, into the economic development system.”

The bill, sponsored in the Senate by Senator William Stachowski, now goes to the Governor for his consideration.