Schimminger Statement on State Grant For Twin Cities

July 14, 2009

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger issued the following statement in regard to Governor David Paterson’s announcement that the City of Tonawanda is being awarded a $25,000 Local Government Efficiency program grant for an engineering study on the feasibility of connecting Tonawanda’s sewage treatment system with the City of North Tonawanda’s.

Schimminger said: “The possible cooperation between the cities of Tonawanda and North Tonawanda in seeking to manage peak wastewater flows may produce a long-term savings to both municipalities. I am encouraged that this grant will create a model of collaboration that others may follow. I want to compliment officials in both of our ‘Twin Cities’ on working together to examine ways to relieve some of the property tax burden on residents and businesses, particularly in this challenging economic climate.”

Schimminger explained that the City of Tonawanda currently contracts with the Town of Tonawanda for treatment of sewage generated in the city. However, planned development projects in the town may impact the town sewage treatment plant’s ability to accept additional wastewater from the city which may result from future development such as reuse of the Spaulding Fibre site. North Tonawanda’s wastewater treatment plant, on the other hand, has excess capacity.