Schimminger Praises University at Buffalo Presentation

May 24, 2011

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger, sponsor of UB2020 and chair of the Assembly Committee on Economic Development said, “The University at Buffalo’s proposal strikes a prudent balance between the mission of a public university and academic excellence. While the UB2020 plan is a long-range goal with many components, UB has worked to propose a plan that stays within the guidelines of the Governor’s challenge. The initiative presented today would complete stage one of UB’s 20/20 vision. This first stage entails moving the medical school and Women and Children’s Hospital to the downtown Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. This move would give our region a much-needed economic boost and have a transformative impact on the neighborhoods surrounding BNMC. The educational benefits and the potential for medical research breakthroughs are endless should this plan come to fruition.

The financial strategy proposed today is a sound plan that includes public and private partnerships. I know that there are concerns about tuition increases and the impact it would have on lower-income families, however, after seeing today’s plan, I strongly believe that the University is committed to ensuring that all New Yorkers have access to a University at Buffalo education. I strongly support this initiative, not only because of the positive economic impact it will have on Western New York, but also because of the medical and technological advances that may come out of this. I fully endorse this proposal, and I am very pleased that we are finally able to see UB2020 move forward.”