Back-to-School "Sales Tax Holiday" Reminder

August 8, 2003

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger is reminding consumers about the upcoming sales tax holiday.

"New York State and many local governments are once again removing sales tax on clothing and footwear costing up to $110 per item for two one-week periods, with the first one occurring Tuesday, August 26, through Monday, September 1," said Schimminger. "I want to remind consumers of the opportunity to save a few dollars during the back-to-school shopping season.

"We hope the sales tax holiday will help spur retail sales and give our economy a needed shot in the arm during the crucial back-to-school season. The sales tax holidays were highly successful when we implemented them between 1997 and 2000," explained Schimminger, who chairs the Assembly Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry.

Between March 31, 2000, and June 1, 2003, clothing and footwear purchases of up to $100 had been free of the state sales tax, but the tax was reimposed on a temporary basis due to the state's fiscal problems. It is again scheduled to be permanently eliminated on June 1, 2004. Local governments were given the option of removing their local sales tax during the new sales tax holidays as well.

"Another state sales-tax-free-week is scheduled from January 26 - February 1, 2004, to give retailers another boost during a historically slow time of the year and consumers a break after totaling up their Christmas shopping bills," added Schimminger.